We are a boutique agency focused on digital experiences

Whether you are just getting started with digital experience management, or are looking to improve performance, scalability or engagement rates on an existing platform, Altola is here for you.

Altola can help you plan and execute a strategy that will deliver measurable business value quickly, while establishing a solid foundation for future growth.

Who we are

Altola's founders worked at Sitecore for many years, where they were instrumental in building many of Sitecore's most important offerings, including Experience Database (xDB), JavaScript Services (JSS) and Business Optimization Strategies (SBOS).

We have deep experience as both a vendor and a customer. We have played key roles in product management, engineering & support, provided enablement services to customers & integrators, rescued failing projects and salvaged failed ones.

Our Founders

Alex Shyba

Headless CMS & front-end engineering

Todd Mitchell

Experience platform & machine learning

Lars Petersen

Business optimization, analytics & personalization

Our Team

Adam Conn

Platforms & integration

Adam Weber

Front-end engineering

Alen Pelin

Platform architecture & optimization

Vlad Shpak

Integration & Sitecore connectors
Where we are
Altola is headquartered in San Francisco, with a presence across the US, Europe and Australia.