Sitelify for Akamai

Site performance is critical for site success because it affects bounce rates and search result ranking. Yet for many Sitecore implementations, performance is something that isn't considered until it becomes a problem.

Akamai is often considered a way to improve performance for static parts of a site. With Sitelify for Akamai, the benefits of Akamai's intelligent edge platform are available to the personalized parts of a site.

Why slow performance?

In this video we explain how important site performance is. We also detail four factors that affect the performance of Sitecore sites so you can understand how each of those factors can be addressed.

How can Akamai help?

In this video we explain how Akamai can improve site performance, and how Sitelify for Akamai lets you get the most out of your Sitecore and Akamai investments without compromising on the features you bought Sitecore for in the first place.