We make personalization in Sitecore easy for you!

Most Sitecore customers have access to personalization but haven’t started using it as launch priorities typical is getting the new site live.

We can help you get started with personalization, either as a phase 2 or as part of the initial site launch. We do require you are using Sitecore 8.2 or 9-series.

Our approach

  • Following the boot camp, you get a recommendation report – outlining decisions from the boot camp with actionable next steps for enabling personalization in Sitecore.
  • We prioritize the audience segments and their steps in the journey, based on business impact and outline content needed for the initial personalization, as well as which critical data points need to be configurated.
  • We start with a personalization boot camp, where we come onsite and collaborate with your team, the purpose of the boot camp is to explore your different audience segments, their journey, and behavior and what would be the best experience for them, getting them closer to your business objectives.

Boot camp is conducted by the expert

The personalization boot camp is facilitated by Lars Birkholm Petersen, Co-Founder of Altola and Sitecore veteran. Lars worked for Sitecore from 2008-2018, and his responsibilities included product advisory for personalization and analytics, enabling partners and customers to successful use personalization. In his time with Sitecore, Lars created the Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies, was the chair for the business and strategy tracks at Symposium 2012-2017 and co-authored Connect to help organizations build relevant and connected personalized experiences.

Boot camp covers

  • Assessment of current Sitecore setup
  • Custom analytics personalization performance dashboards (e.g. in BI tools)
  • Custom personalization rules
  • Select best machine learning models and use that for automated personalization

Other personalization services

We can also help run full-service personalization in Sitecore, where we continuously (with close collaboration with the business) enable personalization, provide insights and make sure your personalization is working correctly and are increasing engagement and key conversions. We quote this based on the effort needed, starting from 2 days per Month.

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