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Adam Conn
by Adam Conn
Platforms & Integrations

At Altola we do more than just Sitecore, but Sitecore holds a special place in our hearts. It's where the Altola team worked for most of the past decade. We believe our deep and varied experience at Sitecore makes Altola uniquely qualified to help customers successfully implement the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Varied experience

The average amount of time each member of our team worked at Sitecore is about 8 years. While there we worked in almost every department, including product management, engineering, professional services, product support, marketing and sales. We have a very clear understanding of how the company operates and how the products are built.

If Sitecore can do it, we know how. If Sitecore isn't working, we know why.

Our product experience comes from building some of the most significant parts of Sitecore's platform, executing customer and partner enablement and being the support ninjas who are brought in when nobody else can resolve customer issues.

JSS, Headless CMS & Front-End Engineering

Before JSS arrived, Sitecore sites were built using ASP.NET. JSS provides the ability for Sitecore websites to be built using modern front-end technologies like React, Angular and VueJS. The idea for JSS, along with its architecture, were pioneered by Alex Shyba and Adam Weber.

Whether you're a Sitecore customer or a Sitecore integrator, they can help you:

  • Ensure you understand how to move from traditional Sitecore to JSS

  • Build a sustainable & scalable development process

  • Incorporate the latest front-end frameworks with Sitecore

Experience Database, xConnect & Machine Learning

Sitecore 9 introduced significant architectural and functional changes to the experience platform side of Sitecore. These changes increase Sitecore's capabilities, but they also increase the platform's complexity.

At Sitecore, Todd Mitchell was the technical product manager leading the design and implementation of this new architecture. If you're using Sitecore's marketing capabilities, Todd can help you:

  • Define an xDB architecture that meets your performance & scaling requirements

  • Avoid any surprises that come with recently redesigned platforms

Business Optimization, Analytics & Personalization

The marketing world has fallen in love with the idea of being able to deliver data-driven, personalized experience to their customers, but has also struggled to turn the idea into reality. This was the problem Lars Petersen witnessed as a Sitecore solution seller. His solution was to develop SBOS, a business optimization practice within Sitecore.

Lars brings years of experience helping customers translate their business goals into digital experience strategies. He can help you:

  • Define your business goals

  • Identify the right resources to be involved and the right time to involve them

  • Prioritize features based on constraints like budget & resource availability

  • Develop a unified & scalable personalization strategy that can be adopted across your entire organization

Architecture & Optimization

In a system as vast and customizable as Sitecore, performance problems are not a rare occurrence. IT and development decisions often contribute to these problems in unexpected ways. At Sitecore, Alen Pelin was considered the architecture expert's architecture expert because he was able to uncover performance problems and devise solutions when nobody else could.

Alen has helped customers running the largest and most complex Sitecore implementations. He can help you:

  • Ensure that your new Sitecore instance is configured to maximize performance

  • Design architecture is set up to support future growth

  • Diagnose & fix performance and scalability problems to get your Sitecore system working to its potential.

Integration & Connectors

Today most customers need to integrate Sitecore with other systems like a CRM, email service, ERP or a bespoke system. The challenge with Sitecore isn’t whether or not you can integrate. You can. The challenge is how to do it efficiently, effectively and sustainably.

While at Sitecore, I (Adam Conn) was responsible for product management and engineering for integration and connectors, and Vlad Shpak was the lead developer. Among the systems we developed connectors for are Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics. We also built the Data Exchange Framework, which is the common foundation for these connectors.

We can help you with all stages of the integration process, including:

  • Defining initial requirements

  • Developing connectors for third-party systems & bespoke applications

  • Improving/upgrading existing connectors

  • Maintaining & supporting connectors

Altola can help

We have the experience and knowledge to help you get the most value from your Sitecore investment. Whether you have been using Sitecore for years or are new to the platform, our team can make sure you're using Sitecore the way it was meant to be used and that you're building a solid and reliable foundation for future growth.